Gaming Styles

No matter if you come from a traditional desktop gaming background or if you prefer gaming wirelessly from your couch in your living room, XIM has you covered. XIM supports a wide variety of gaming hardware to enable you to game where you want and how you want. Below are some of the gaming styles XIM supports.


Traditional gamers from a PC background will prefer gaming at a desk using wired mice and keyboards. The player’s mouse is used for aiming (of course) and typically “WADS” on their keyboard for movement. All devices are placed near each other.

Given the nature of gaming with a keyboard, on-screen player movement is restricted to 8 directions (forward, reverse, left, right, and diagonals). Many gamers prefer this type of digital movement. Controllers, on the other hand, aren’t restricted to 8-way movement because their thumbsticks provide analog movement. Through XIM APEX, you can have the best of both worlds.

XIM APEX supports analog player movement through devices like the Logitech G13, Nintendo JoyCon, and Sony Move Navigation controller. Combined with a mouse for aim, analog player movement will feel natural for those coming from a controller background:

Couch to Entertainment Center

XIM APEX supports a variety of wireless devices so you can game comfortably from your couch while still taking full advantage of XIM APEX’s precision mouse aiming. Various wireless keyboards are supported, but, they are typically large and would be cumbersome to use from a couch. To solve this problem, XIM APEX supports the Nintendo JoyCon and Sony Move Navigation Controller in wireless mode without any extra hardware required.